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99 High-class Beautiful Facade and Wall Decorative Brick Patterns


Decorative tiles are applied to many construction items such as civil such as offices, hotels, houses (living room area, bedroom, kitchen ...). With many different forms and designs, decorative tiles are a way to create accents to bring aesthetic beauty to every project.

The most beautiful wall decoration brick models today:

1. 3d bricks:

3D bricks bring special effects to the house. With a special structure consisting of 3 layers: brickwork, glaze and 3D brick coating, it helps to deceive the eye of the viewer and create depth with different image layers. Decorative brick 3D is a large picture with vivid colors and images, suitable for decoration in living room areas and places where there are often many people.

2. Inax decorative bricks:

This is a specialized tile produced exclusively for decoration of exterior areas such as facade wall cladding, gate column cladding, fences... The quality of inax decorative bricks is highly appreciated for its outstanding features. Inax tiles have good adhesion and resistance to the effects of harsh weather including sun, rain, ultraviolet rays ... the factors that make outdoor wall tiles quickly degrade.

3. Decorative card tiles:

Cardboard bricks are versatile bricks that can be applied as decorative bricks for all areas of the house and construction items. Thanks to the eye-catching shape, the construction method of tiling and tiles is very simple, so the tiles are trusted and chosen by consumers as decorative products for the home space.

4. Wood imitation bricks:

Wood imitation bricks are no stranger to many families because their applicability is quite high and suitable for many different objects. Besides, wood imitation brick is also a great choice for those who love rustic style, close to nature. This is a type of decorative brick  that can replace natural wood facing materials, making a significant contribution to the protection of nature and human living environment.

5. Imitation stone bricks:

Natural stones such as granite and marble give the house a luxurious and mysterious space. However, to exploit these types of decorative bricks is very difficult and increasingly scarce because the natural formation process does not meet the needs of human use. Meanwhile, imitation stone tiles are simulated copies of up to 99% of granite, marble and humans can control specific supply and demand. Therefore, imitation stone bricks are increasingly popularly used in large and small construction projects and items.

6. Hexagonal decorative bricks:

Hexagonal tiles with characteristic shapes, bring outstanding beauty to your home. Decorative tiles hexagonal shape can be applied in kitchen areas, toilets, living rooms, bedrooms... Special shapes not only make your walls less boring, but they also have the ability to stimulate vision and brain activity.

7. Mosaic Tiles:

Mosaic tiles are special pieces of 2 - 10cm in size from materials such as glass, ceramic tiles... Each type of mosaic tile will have a different structure based on the material from which they are made. Decorative tiles mosaic are commonly used in construction items, wet areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens...

8. Patterned cotton tiles:

This is a classic brick used for wall decoration since the 14th century. The decorative style of cement tiles became popular thanks to its eye-catching motifs, attracting the eyes of the viewer and bringing great aesthetic value. Over the course of history, cement tiles have not been forgotten but become more and more special with improved product lines in terms of aesthetic production technology. Therefore, cement tiles deserve to be the perfect and durable decorative bricks. over time.

9. Fish scale bricks:

The reason why fish scale bricks have this special name is because they have a special shape, which is modeled from the shape of fish scales. With a characteristic name and structure, this is a line of high-class decorative tiles suitable for spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms... they will create a special highlight for your home.


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